A couple in Centreville, Virginia prefers color than stains when they decided to design their kitchen. They are more of a contemporary-lover that is why they requested for a minimalist approach incorporating strong colors and finishes.

Color is style. In the modern setting, contemporary paint colors such as white, blue, yellow, red, green, and orange will give a stylish and attractive factor to your kitchen. Especially now interior designers already have countless ideas to modernize these shades.


Blue has always been the top choice for homeowners who root for a cool ambience in their living space. Such color always bring good vibes even in different tinge. You can imagine the sky and the sea in light blue color. On the contrary, bright blues such as turquoise, aqua, cobalt and navy blue manifests sophistication and boldness. However, when you opt to paint your kitchen with bright blue hues, make sure the space receives a lot of natural light to avoid that gloomy feels. Other modernize blue colors that are mostly used nowadays for interior finishes are cerulean and cyan.


Cheer up the mood of your kitchen with the fun shades of yellow and green. These bright shades work well in your kitchen with just a considerable amount and right way of matching. It is highly recommended to only use such colors in your pantry or as an accent wall. Modernize shades of yellow and green are dalila, citron, chartreuse, sundance, bold yellow, vivid yellow, golden honey, and lime.


Warm up the atmosphere of your kitchen with the rejuvenating effect of the color orange. This shade is mostly incorporated in Tuscan-inspired kitchen because it fits well with the rustic style. Orange works attractively with white and gray accents to come up with refreshing feels. Few of the modernize shades of orange are tangerine, this site soft marigold, sky orange, blood orange, pale daffodil, audubon russet, pumpkin, and summer squash.


Red is the most consistent color because it has been used in kitchens for years due to its psychological factor which stimulates hunger. Thanks to interior designers, this color found its amazing beauty especially when paired with shades of white, gray, golden yellow, and navy blue. Modernize shades of red are rustic red, autumn red, candy apple red, terracotta, magenta, crimson, coral, poppy and cranberry.

Plain white kitchen cabinets, white appliances and stainless steel are the wisest choice to match modernized colors. If you’re wondering what other factors that makes a modern kitchen look lively, then it’s the little influence of traditional style.

I say, always think out of the box when giving finishing touches to your kitchen. Experiment, experiment and experiment! Give your kitchen a breath of fresh air.

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